Eliminate Pathogens
Without Chemicals

Morganics provides the ultimate soil boosting technology for growers who provide their best buds to our deserving community of veterans,  first responders and trauma victims.
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Goodbye Pathogens!

Morganics bio-stimulants eliminate mold, mildew and pests by creating a natural environment that is inhospitable to harmful pests by forming a bio-barrier in and on top of the soil.

Eliminate Powdery Mildew


Protect Against Frost Damage

Our Services

Growth Project Management

Morganics has over 15 years of successful growing and project management experience. We can help with any of your needs! 

We offer project planning services, including strain/seed selection and soil testing to ensure maximum product quality and yields.  Should you require a turn-key solution, we can design lighting, HVAC, buildings, water and nutrient delivery systems.

Pathogen Elimination

If you are struggling to get pathogens under control, our experts can analyze your situation and determine the best course of action to eliminate them.

Our Mission

Morganics is committed to revolutionize the cannabis and horticultural industries with our clinically proven living soil technologies.

Our Living Soil Product Line

POTENT PLANT PROTECTION – We employ a scientifically engineered blend of 96% pure silica infused heavy metal free Quartz with 20 different microbes and bacteria to create an optimal environment for plants. This living soil technology is an insurance policy against pathogens and poor yields.

Soil Booster

Morganics Soil Booster produces robust and thriving plants with high yields and without pathogens (like powdery mildew, mold, algae and soil-borne pests.) 

Soil Booster is a pure 100% chemical free soil based bio-stimulant containing an exceptionally high 96% fractured crystalline quartz. It is processed ethically (and Eco-Cert certified) from a large quartz deposit in the Canadian Shield, with a unique magnetic signature.

Bio Barrier

Our Bio Barrier product is a sure-fire solution to eliminate soil-borne insects, algae, mold(s), mildews and pests.

The razor-like grain of the fractured quartz dehydrates pests and cuts them up as they move on and under the soil, disrupting egg laying cycles.

Bio-Stimulant Foliar Spray


Morganics and Baked Blue Jays

Morganics has put together a unique and dedicated team of cannabis and business specialists to create exciting programs for partners like the Baked Blue Jay community.

These initiatives include deliveries of curated cannabis and other products, innovative growing and agricultural educational courses as well as cannabis health and wellness and social support programs for Veterans, First Responders and Trauma victims.

Work with Us!

Profile of Our Customer

Our customers are focused on finding organic solutions for improved plant health, increased yields and pathogen resistance. Many of our customers are all-organic growers and focused on the medical market where there can be no trace of chemicals or solvent based residues on their products.

Working Together

With our typical customer, we have an initial assessment meeting to learn about the primary operational issues. We discuss approaches and the variety of products and services available, and the kind of results that can be expected. A plan for how we move forward is developed jointly with the customer.

Initial Growth

Depending on the scale of the project, we assess how many plants are to be treated and define the operating procedures to be used for indoor and/or outdoor project installation. As part of the process, we work with customers to handle the soil-building and installation and we ensure detailed records of yield and pathogen results are kept.

Long-Term Partnership

We prefer to establish long term partnerships with our customers. Our priority is to help our clients achieve yield increases, pathogen resistance and better plant health

Begin the Relationship!

If you are intrigued, make the call to see how Morganics can take your operation to the next level!

Niagara College Collaboration

Three years ago, Morganics began a collaboration with Niagara College in Niagara on the Lake, Ontario to jointly research soil enhancement techniques for commercial hemp and cannabis.  A one acre test grow site was designed and prepared in Muskoka, Ontario by Morganics and plants were grown from seedlings to intermediate size in the Niagara College greenhouses and transplanted at the Muskoka site by Niagara College students and staff. Bill MacDonald, Head of the Cannabis Program at Niagara College and Greg Marsh the President of Northern Hemp Specialists, then expanded the program with a view to it being a part of the College’s curriculum. This new expanded program involved nutrient uptake, improved yield testing and research on soil improvement conducted in the College’s Cannabunkers.

(See article: ).

Fractured Quartz Research

Morganics fractured crystalline quartz is very high in silicon.  The article below outlines its significant benefits.

“Takeaway: There are two camps of plant nutrients. In one camp there are the essential nutrients, and in the other there are the beneficial nutrients. Silicon, which makes up 28% of the Earth’s crust and is a major component of soil, is an element that could hang out in both camps, and plenty of research has been done to support this claim.”

See article:

Morganics fractured crystalline quartz is sized for two different uses: soil supplementation (Morganics Soil Booster for plant health and productivity) and pathogen resistance (Morganics Bio-barrier to eliminate pathogens.)  

Study Shows Dramatic Yield Increases With Morganics Soil Treatment

Along with one of our research partners, Morganics conducted a proof of concept study by using fully organic Morganics fractured-quartz based soil supplements to enhance plant and crop yields. The executive summary below describes the extraordinary results of that study. The full study report can be made available under non-disclosure. In the study, a series of test groups, using soil treated with Morganics formulations, were grown alongside a control group of plants using a standard nutrient soil. The test plants significantly outperformed the control plants in every measure, including:  
  • Higher apex bud counts
  • Faster striking roots
  • Increased plant height and stronger branches
  • Increased plant cell vigor
  • Accelerated ripening of flowers
  • Increased THC & CBD levels
  • Complete absence of algae, mold, mildew and soil borne pests*
  *Quite remarkably, all of the Morganics test plants came through the six-month test cycle with a 100% reduction of soil-borne algae and mold over the control group, grown side by side, proving the anti-pathogenic properties of the Morganics proprietary blend. The study provided a definitive proof of concept for using our Morganics fractured-quartz based soil supplement and inoculant to enhance the overall health, growth and yields of horticultural and cannabis plants. The results of this study provided conclusive evidence that Morganics’s organic products are well-suited for both indoor and outdoor operations. It also demonstrated the efficacy of the products including the Morganics Soil Booster soil-based growth enhancer, the Morganics Bio-Barrier anti-pathogenic treatment and the Morganics Root Striker formula.