Our Team


Our Mission

NHS is revolutionizing the Cannabis and Horticultural industries with our clinically-proven living soil technologies.


Greg Marsh


Greg is the President of NHS and has over 25 years of international experience in Canada and Latin America researching and developing sustainable environmental impact studies in areas of the highest environmental sensitivity. His ten years of mineral and soil research in the Canadian Shield led to the discovery of NHS’s fractured quartz. The research on using fractured quartz as a component of living soil led to the proof of concept study confirming the efficacy of NHS’s revolutionary proprietary formula.

Bob Reeves

VP Sales

Root Rescue Environmental Products Waterdown, ON Bob has come to believe that the secret to plant success (and our professional success) is hiding in the soil beneath our feet. He began the Soil Health/Root Rescue project in 2005 with a discovery made at his family’s nursery / garden centre, Reeves Florist & Nursery, in Woodbridge, Ontario. He has worn many hats over the years: grower, nursery buyer, sales manager, staff trainer, IT manager, and landscape designer & estimator for his own design-build company: Reevisions Designs. Bob was also the original developer of the widely used landscape design and quotation software suite: DynaScape: https://www.dynascape.com/ At the core of Bob’s career has been the pursuit of his twin loves: plants, and industry innovation. He advocates strongly for a regenerative approach to growing and sustaining the plants, and ecosystems we all depend on. Bob is the Founder and CEO of Root Rescue Environmental Products: www.rootrescue.com And also serves as a the Soil Microbiome Advisor to Flash Forest – leading innovators in drone-powered reforestation: https://flashforest.ca/who-we-are

Av Singh, PHD, PAG

Agronomist and Cannabis Guru

Av Singh is one of Canada’s leading authorities on organic agriculture. After completing his post-doc at the University of Minnesota on pasture-based livestock production, Singh worked at the Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada and served as the Organic and Small-Scale Farming Specialist in Nova Scotia, for over 15 years, and recently held the Just Us! Chair in Small Farm Sustainability. Dr. Singh has authored over 200 peer-reviewed papers, chapters, and extension articles and has been an invited speaker to over 500 workshops, conferences, symposia as well as guest-lecturing at over 30 universities in Canada, the US, the UK, and India. Av has had the privilege of visiting over 2000 farms across five continents which has shaped his extension of holistic, system-based design solutions. Emphasizing a union of traditional knowledge with science, Av works with growers to cultivate an appreciation of plant:soil interrelationships.

Dr. Thanh Nguyen

Vice President of Research and Product Development

Thanh is a graduate of Simon Fraser University with a Doctorate in Organic Chemistry . He specializes in genomics, protein and enzyme synthesis . Thanh has been instrumental in researching and developing our products, specifically with the revolutionary concept of SSMs (Silica Solubilizing Microbes) that enable our crystalline fractured quartz to be delivered into the soil and through the roots of plants with maximum potency. Thanh is also in charge of designing and writing our SOPs for product implementation and monitoring all phases of our production and delivery to ensure that our organic living soil program meets all expectations.

Joshua Both

Community Relations

Joshua is the Founder and CEO of Cannilux Inc. Former Army Infantry reservist, Police Auxiliary, Fire Fighter and now entrepreneur. Joshua also has an expertise in Social media and is the Executive Producer of our project. Joshua helps oversee the Discord Administrative and Community management tasks of our community. Joshua also has a college diploma in Police Foundations. Multiple mental health certificates & 6 Years expert level experience in the Cannabis Retail Industry including Cansell Expert level certification. “I believe in leadership from the front. To help the most Veterans we can, we ourselves need to be out there doing.” Joshua Both

Roger Abbott


Roger has an honors degree in Chemical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, with extensive experience in business design and Enterprise Architecture as a Senior Manager with KPMG. Roger heads up our marketing, communication and planning and is responsible for the data analytics that demonstrate how NHS maximizes yield and minimizes pathogens.