Mor-ganics products create an active, biodiverse environment — a living soil that supports dramatically healthier plants.  

We employ a scientifically engineered blend of bacteria, microbes, nutrients and minerals that creates an optimal environment for plants, and which is inhospitable to pathogens, without chemical fertilizers or pesticides.  Mor-ganics offers our customers optimal plant health for higher yields, pathogen resistance and better terpenes.


Morganics Soil Booster   

Mor-ganics Soil Booster produces robust and thriving plants with high yields and without pathogens (like powdery mildew, mold, algae and soil-borne pests.) 

Our Soil Booster provides beneficial microorganisms, key nutrients and primary/secondary minerals available in forms ready for uptake by plant roots. NHS has developed a proprietary formula of 33 microbes and fungi that, when mixed with our Mor-ganics Soil Booster,  results in a clinically proven and powerful organic plant health solution. 

Our Mor-ganics Soil Booster is a pure, 100% chemical-free soil supplement containing an exceptionally high 96% fractured crystalline quartz. It is processed ethically (and Eco-Cert certified) from a large quartz deposit in the Canadian Shield, with a unique magnetic signature.  Our proprietary material, when combined with our special formulation of microbes, delivers a potent boost to create the ideal living soil growing environment for your plants. 

We provide our customers with 100% chemical and solvent-free organic soil products for their medical and recreational plants.


Morganics Bio-Barrier

Our Bio-Barrier product is a sure-fire solution to eliminate soil-borne insects, algae, molds, mildews and pests. The razor-like grain of the fractured quartz dehydrates pests and cuts them up as they move on and under the soil, disrupting egg laying cycles.  Simply apply a half-inch layer of our Mor-ganics Bio-Barrier anti-pathogen product on top of the soil.  Much more effective and concentrated than diatomaceous earth.


Morganics Root Striker

Our proprietary blend of organic rooting hormones reduces transfer shock and accelerates root striking by up to 25% with virtually zero mortality.  The result is faster turn-around and stronger clones. Just dip in the solution, roll in the powder, and done. 

NHS Root Striker helps plants develop faster and that can translate to an additional crop turn each year on indoor plants. Our Root Striker coupled with our Soil Booster means plants can mature rapidly and achieve the maturity you want a full week earlier than without our products. 

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