Cannabis, Silica and NFTs: shaping a new green economy. 

Cannabis, Silica and NFTs: shaping a new green economy. 

“The best defense against pests and pathogens is to provide a healthy, productive soil microbiome.” Dr. Av Singh is employing a new way of launching its patent pending Silica based soil technology into the marketplace. The NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Crypto economy provides a largely untapped opportunity for engagement and Morganics is helping to create an innovative Discord community that will offer veterans, first responders and trauma victims access to cannabis-based treatment, therapies and support. 

With our focus on plant and human health, the corporate relationship between Morganics and our NFT partner, Baked Blue Jays, creates a virtuous circle, enabling new cannabis related innovations and therapies to be available worldwide, in real time. This new Crypto cannabis economy and community will provide over 200,000 members access to a large variety of cannabis wellness and growing seminars including blogs and educational programs. 

Interested parties can go to our website where they will be directed to our NFT partner  to join Discord and learn more about this exciting new program. 

“We want to help veterans and cannabis growers to produce the healthiest crops they can. Cannabis is often grown with synthetic ingredients or chemicals that find their way into the plant- not ideal. We’ve created an organic patent-pending alternate technology that fights numerous soil borne pathogens, but in an organic and chemical-free way,” explains Greg Marsh, founder and President of Morganics. “From increased yields to a 12% reduction of water and nutrients needed, our new technology offers growers many valuable benefits”. 

How does it work? 
Morganics is a patent-pending technology that enables plants, especially cannabis, to respond with increased yields, better quality, and much higher immune functions. A 96% pure heavy metal-free grade silica, when combined with Morganics engineered bacteria and mycorrhizae instantly becomes ‘plant-available’. Morganics is a very potent bio-stimulant and silica is a known SAR elicitor, which has been proven to reduce multiple pathogens in crops.   
Dr. Av Singh, Cannabis Consultant at Flemming & Singh Cannabis, explains why the Morganics product is so unique. “Silica is one of the most underrated biostimulants for immune function and plant defense against pathogens and insects. Morganics provides silica in a readily available form allowing plants to use it as soon as the powdery mildew germination tube is trying to penetrate the cell wall. Finding a source of plant-available silica that is accepted under organic standards that is not high in heavy metals is near impossible, so the regenerative organic practices employed to create Morganics technology is a win-win-win scenario.” 
With the goal of helping as many growers and users of cannabis as possible to grow clean, healthy and chemical-free plants, the company has been doing research collaborations on their product’s efficacy with a range of institutional third parties like  Niagara College and corporate partners like Artiva Limited, Apollo Green Inc. and Aleafia Health Corp.; these extensive 3rd party trials verified our proof of concept. 
As more countries legalize cannabis products and the industry grows, we will be there to participate and help build a vibrant community. 

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