Our Morganics products create a living soil that produces stronger, healthier plants that have a powerful natural resistance to pathogenic, biotic and abiotic stressors.   


Mor-ganics products eliminate mold, mildew, algae and pests by creating 

a natural environment that is inhospitable to pests, and their eggs, 

by forming a bio-barrier both in and on top of the soil.


The pictures below are from product trials of 

untreated and treated plants grown side by side. 

Eliminate Powdery Mildew

Powdery mildew on untreated plants

Notice the faint white “powdery” spots on the leaves

Treated Plants have no powdery mildew

Treated plants are totally free of powdery mildew

Eliminate Algae

Our white soil supplement has eliminated Algae on the left plant for over 6 months, while the right plant has Algae at 3 months.

Protect Against Frost Damage

After 3 frosts, the untreated plants on the left show significant frost damage, while the treated plant next to it has none.