Baked Blue Jays

Baked Blue Jays is creating the crypto x cannabis economy and is the first NFT collection which ships free cannabis to our community’s doorstep.

Morganics and Root Rescue have put together a unique and dedicated team of cannabis and business specialists to create exciting programs for partners like the Baked Blue Jay community. 

 These initiatives include deliveries of curated cannabis and other products, innovative growing and agricultural educational courses as well as cannabis health and wellness and social support programs for Veterans, First Responders and Trauma victims.

What Is BBJ?

Baked Blue Jays is a long-term collection of 10,000 beautiful blue, white & gold birds that portray our community’s love of NFTs and cannabis. The collection is focused on high quality art, providing real world utility and building a tight-knit community. Our doxed team includes NFT and cannabis enthusiasts who are utilizing our network to ship cannabis to each Baked Blue Jay NFT holder’s doorstep.