About Us

Morganics is part of the emerging new green economy and for this we have invented premium soil-based biotechnology products and developed unique symbiotic partnerships with cannabis licensed producers, retail dispensaries and partners in the Crypto finance world.

Morganics has put together a unique and dedicated team of cannabis and business specialists to create exciting programs for partners like the Baked Blue Jay community. These initiatives include deliveries of curated cannabis and other products, innovative growing and agricultural educational courses as well as cannabis health and wellness and social support programs for Veterans, First Responders and Trauma victims.

For more information about our new partner, the BBJ community, join BBJ discord to get more details

Our Mission

Morganics is committed to revolutionize the cannabis and horticultural industries with our clinically proven living soil technologies.

Work with Us!

Profile of Our Customer

Our customers are focused on finding organic solutions for improved plant health, increased yields and pathogen resistance. Many of our customers are all-organic growers and focused on the medical market where there can be no trace of chemicals or solvent based residues on their products.

Working Together

With our typical customer, we have an initial assessment meeting to learn about the primary operational issues. We discuss approaches and the variety of products and services available, and the kind of results that can be expected. A plan for how we move forward is developed jointly with the customer.

Initial Growth

Depending on the scale of the project, we assess how many plants are to be treated and define the operating procedures to be used for indoor and/or outdoor project installation. As part of the process, we work with customers to handle the soil-building and installation and we ensure detailed records of yield and pathogen results are kept.

Long-Term Partnership

We prefer to establish long term partnerships with our customers. Our priority is to help our clients achieve yield increases, pathogen resistance and better plant health.

Begin the Relationship!

If you are intrigued, make the call to see how Morganics can take your operation to the next level!